Monday, 15 September 2014

The season starts here!

Hi to all and welcome back.

At last! We have our first three points of the season and what a great way to get them with a fine 4-0 win over QPR.  Well done to the team and the manager. What happened yesterday was that the team played well together for the first time and that lifted the crowd inside Old Trafford and I'm sure the watching fans around the world, including myself. Cast your mind back two weeks to the last match we played against Burnley and compare that to yesterdays performance, totally different class. No Welbeck, Cleverley and Young and more importantly no negativity.

What was so pleasing and refreshing about the match was the way the new players showed themselves and their quality, especially man of the match Angel Di Maria, scoring one and helping create a hatful of chances, more of which would have been converted had Robin Van Persie had his shooting boots on and a rear view mirror to check who was coming in behind him. Even though Di Maria was my man of the match I thought the other new players put on solid displays especially Daley Blind who palayed with so much confidence it was like he'd been at Old Trafford for years. Rojo also looks a capable player as does Herrera. I was impressed at the passing and the speed our new look team has, also how many left footed players we are blessed with, I remember the days it was only Ryan Giggs now at least five, who played yesterday, are lefties. Falcao didn't get on the pitch until late in the game but he could have opened his scoring account if it hadn't been for the keepers block late on. It was also great to see Rafael back in defense and like Evans, Mata and youngster Blackett I think the new signings helped to lift those players' game.

So, overall a comfortable day and with the three points in the bag up we go in the table to within 1 point of Liverpool and only 2 points behind Man City as both teams had a very poor weekend, so it was good to see United benefit from that. Let's hope we can build on this win and keep going before Chelsea, with the help of Costa, pull too far away before we play them. Talking of Chelsea with the start Costa has made I predict that the premier leading goalscorer will be a fight between him and Falcao.

On a different topic, I've read this week of so many people saying that United have lost their soul by buying so many foreign players and not giving the youngsters a chance. Well maybe Louis Van Gaal has had a look at the younger players and decided that either they are not ready or that they are simply not good enough. I don't think United has lost any part of its soul as in the past we were lucky to have a group of youngsters from the class of '92 but since then apart from a couple of players we haven't had the same quality as in the past. Also, we have been buying youngsters from abroad for a long time now players like Paul Pogba who played in the youth teams and reserves but didn't make the grade to the first team before Ferguson sold him onto Juventus. We are not the only team to find it difficult to recruit young local talent and keep hold of them, this has been a problem in England for over a decade. We are Manchester United and we are the most supported team on the planet so we should buy the best players when they are available, players that can achieve great things for us and take us back to the top where we belong. We should also sell whoever the manager thinks is not good enough. At the same time I'm sure Van Gaal and his backroom staff are working hard to search for the new young talent whether they be British or not. What would people rather see Moyes' team of last year or the team that beat QPR yesterday? So ex players and coaches should stop harping on about the past and get behind the team 100% or shut up. I understand that everybody is entitled to their opinion, but what would these so called experts had said if we hadn't bought anyone during the summer. Sometimes Man United simply can't win either way.

Next match up is Leicester City away next weekend. Come on you reds another 3 points.

Until next time.

Miles Dunton.

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